Investible's Startup AngelPitch Event Asia
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Come join Investible 2-day AngelPitch Events across Asia, in partnership with EY, Building a Better Working World and 500 Startups.

If you’re a startup looking for investment or wanting to practice your pitch this workshop is designed for you to be investor ready!

We are expanding our investment portfolio across Asia and looking to discover some awesome startups.

Join the Investible (International) team for an innovative and energising 2 days to build or validate your business using Investible's Business Model Blueprint (BMB) methodology. This is a powerful tool that gives you a holistic picture of the key elements that go into delivering and communicating your business model to investors for investment capital.

Day 2 is all about pitching your idea to a friendly group of startup mentors and investors.

Investment Capital
As an early stage global investor (seed capital) we see over 1,000 pitch decks every single year and we have found the best way to understand the real potential of a startup business and founder will take more than a 45 min investment meeting. Having invested in over 66 startups we have developed our own unique IP that helps us discover great startups through this 1.5 day workshop.

This is a great opportunity to test your business, marketing and sales strategy with a room full of start-up mentors and experts. This workshop is perfect for delving deep into developing a business model for your startup and identifying gaps in your framework early, as well as how to address them.

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